About us

The foundations of BeriaLife were laid in 2004, on a journey that started with nutritional counseling. With the time and experience spent in domestic and national companies, the BeriaLife brand started to be introduced to people by starting production and branding activities with its business partners in 2019.
In addition to its power to market BeriaLife healthy living products, which has production power in many areas; hosted hundreds of dealers. As a result of adequate infrastructure and branding process, it continues to grow day by day with its customers and entrepreneurs, adding a revolutionary difference to the sector with its new generation marketing plan as of 2022.

While BeriaLife's corporate philosophy consists of "approaching everything living and non-living in the world with love and respect", it consists of "serving humanity by offering the highest quality product at the most affordable price". It is a trade model that will be used in a principled and fair manner without sacrificing honesty”.

A new generation trading system that is exclusive, different and keeping up with the times. By bringing together the different products of the future with a real, understandable Next Level Marketing plan; We protect our family integrity with wellness, which is the common gathering area of ​​people. As the BeriaLife family, we will witness the success of people who left 99% of society and write their own incredible stories.

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Our mission

To offer original, innovative products, solutions and services based on scientific knowledge to the world every day with the star product logic.

Our Vision

We will continue to add value to both people and the world, leaving a healthier and more beautiful future for our children with wellness products that strengthen its production and distribution network day by day.


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