Dr. Nazan Acar is a name that attracts attention with her academic and professional achievements. Acar, who started his education life at Aydın Super High School, graduated from Dokuz Eylül University with honors in the field of Biology Teaching and then completed his master's and doctoral studies at Adnan Menderes University. In particular, his doctoral thesis attracted great attention and respect in the academic community.

Acar, who has a very good level of English as a foreign language, achieved a high score in the ÜDS Language Exam. In this way, he played an active role in the international arena and brought his work to large audiences.

Acar started his academic career as a research assistant doctor at Adnan Menderes University and carried out many scientific studies during this period. In addition, he conveyed his knowledge and experiences to students in an inspiring way at Uzman Akademi and Private Kayabaşı High School, where he worked as a biology teacher.

The peaks of his professional career have come in recent years. He took on responsibilities such as Tales Olympic Exam Science Committee Chairman and Private Başak College Campus Project Coordinator and achieved great success in these duties.

Acar also stands out in many scientific studies, including Tübitak. His articles and scientific papers have been published on national and international platforms and have made a significant impact in his field. Additionally, he has won various awards and led projects.

Finally, Dr. As the founder of Nysa Marathon since 2023, Nazan Acar has made great contributions to the education and development of young people by assuming the coordinator duties in DFC Turkey, Owlypia Turkey, Wevoi Turkey and Lider Schools Projects.

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