The customer's resistance to purchasing is considered a sales objection. Objections may be to price or immediate purchase. The customer may not tell the real reason for objection at that moment. In such cases, the most important thing that the sales representative must do is to remain calm, listen to the customer, eventually reveal the real reason and develop an answer to his objection.

It is possible to diversify customer objections. We can list some of them as follows:

Price Objections

Product Objections

Time Objections

Business objections

Service Objections

Need Objections

A sales representative who encounters a customer objection should empathize with the customer and try to find the real reason for the objection. When responding to objections, you should listen carefully, show that you are listening, be positive and calm, and answer clearly and honestly; One should never directly say that the customer thinks wrong. The salesperson should avoid arguing with the customer, be calm, respectful and friendly when dealing with objections.

When handling objections, a sales representative can use these methods:

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