Direct selling is a marketing method that has grown steadily in recent years and affects millions of people around the world. In this blog post, we will examine the global turnover of direct selling and make predictions about the future of the industry.

Direct Sales Turnover in the World:

By 2022, the global turnover of the direct selling industry has reached 186 billion dollars. This figure represents a growth of 1.5% compared to the previous year.

The largest markets in the industry are:

Asia Pacific: $78.8 billion

North America: $42.9 billion

Europe: $34.4 billion

Latin America: $22.1 billion

Africa: $7.8 billion

Direct Selling in Turkey:

Türkiye's direct selling industry has also shown significant growth in recent years. Direct sales turnover in Turkey reached 3.5 billion TL in 2022. This figure represents an increase of 24.4% compared to the previous year.

The Future of Direct Selling:

Direct selling is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The driving forces behind this growth are:

Increasing Entrepreneurship Spirit: The increasing demand for flexible working and the search for additional income, especially during the pandemic period, increases the interest in direct sales.

Use of Technology: The development of e-commerce and social media platforms makes it easier for direct sales representatives to reach larger audiences and increase their sales.

Changing Consumer Behaviors: Consumers pay more attention to personalized shopping experiences and detailed information about products. Direct selling is very successful in providing this type of shopping experience.


Direct selling is a dynamic industry that offers many advantages for both consumers and entrepreneurs. The sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and make significant contributions to the global economy.

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